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Justina Curtis


Beth Harper

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Beth behind the scenes:
Mr. Rawley’s car was hit by an SUV and went in for repairs. In the rental office, where Miss Harper worked, he saw a room in chaos - unitl Beth walked through. In seconds she’d solved a battery of problems, and calmed and charmed the customers. “A woman in control,” says Rawley, echoing SCRAMBLE!’s theme. “I was awed.”
Beth was hired to help Laura Kirkpatrick, whose job description filled a page. Beth’s titile was “Assistant to the Co-producer.” “She never knew it,” Rawley reveals now, “but she was hired to run the entire show.” We deluged her with paperwork and managerial responsibilities and at dawn on the first day, in her first thirty minutes on the job she was a stellar manager.
Then Beth Gunther, who was hired to play the part of Briana told us she was going to college in Florida and would have to leave the movie.
Rawley turned to Harper and said “Fill the role.” It happened in a blink. She had flowers in her hair and the cameras were rolling and “I was awed all over again,” Rawley remembers.

“Beth ‘saved the picture,’ as they say in Hollywood, referring to the whole movie. “We had a determined and dedicated crew who worked together through many problems,” says Rawley, “but a couple of times, it would have all ended if it weren’t for Beth.”