Jody Rawley

Rapunzel’s over protective father is also Central High School's Air Team Head Coach, - Dan Abrahms.

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played by Jody Rawley.

Behind the scenes:
Jody on acting-
My scenes worked and all the credit is due the other actors. With David Witt, and Valerie Paquet, I heard the call for ‘action’ and suddenly found myself standing in Dan Abrahms’ place with the “real” Principal Simon, and Rapunzel. They were so believable (so talented), they made playing along with them effortless.”

Important IMDB listing note:
A misplaced friend of a friend (there might have been another friend involved), listed SCRAMBLE! and the post says the movie stars Jody Rawley.
Dan Abrahms, - Rawley’s character, - is an important but not major character in the movie.
Attempts to reach IMDB and make the correction have so far not been successful since 2008 (this is 2015).
Valerie Paquet and Jake Hamilton are the stars.