SCRAMBLE! is as original and odd a movie as you’ll ever find.
We took a great idea and put it on screen using antiquated equipment and a home computer.
With almost no locations, the combining onscreen of actors taped in various locations, and home made effects, it has been described as “...the greatest backyard movie.”

You won’t find SCRAMBLE! on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes or any of the other big sites. It was rejected for lack of listed actors (A,B, or otherwise), lack of recognized directors, and the fact that it was not produced in HD.

We are extremely proud of having created something from nothing. We know you’ll enjoy it.

When you place your order for a DVD box, co-writer/producer/director, Laura Kirkpatrick receives your order and sends your box.
She has a greetings message we’ll place here later in April.


In the years since we started production, several actors have married, moved, taken on commitments and responsibilities and are not pursuing acting. Our stars and co-stars still promoting their carrers on the site are:

David Witt & Jacquie Harvey
Jake Hamilton
Jody Rawley
Chris Brown
Josh Salatin



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Richmond, VA 23235

For order fulfillment needs you can write to Laura:

SCRAMBLE! c/o L. Kirkpatrick
1046 Albemarle Ave.
Waynesboro, VA 22980.