Bill Clarke
October, 1943 - May, 2009

Bill was a race car driver, a long distance truck driver, and a pilot. He lived, looking ahead, into the future, a second down the road to anticipate traffic, and years ahead, envisioning SCRAMBLE!’s potential usefulness to generations of young people. He loved the movie, cast and crew.
He was an inspiration to each of us and a wonderful friend.

Mike Dritto
1953 - August 2013
Humble, thoughtful, and self-sacrificing, Mike was saintly, and is very much missed.

Mike Dritto, Belva Clarke, and Bill Clarke
of Expoland RC in Fishersville, VA put “Central High School” in the air.

PPExpoland 3


The entire SCRAMBLE! squadron, 8 beautiful warbirds have been gifted to Thomas Harris of Virginia who will soon post a Facebook page with a schedule telling when and where he will be flying the planes for the public to enjoy.

Here are a couple of pictures of Thomas picking up the planes.

Thomas will keep the planes flying and on regular public display. We are, all of us (cast crew, and Bill Clarke's family and flying friends), immensely pleased and thankful for this continuance of Bill's work and vision.

Come Fly With Me


SCRAMBLE! Planes and Pilots
- some of the people who's amazing skills you'll see demonstrated in the movie.

Dane (standing), and Drake Edwards piloted the “Central High School” P-51 Hangar 9 plane, and William Filmore’s Corsair. They are shown here with their P-51 “Big Beautiful Doll,” which features prominently in the air show montage segment of the movie. They were our guides in the rc community.

Plane 29

The planes and piloting skills of many builders and flyers appear in SCRAMBLE!
Among them, Mac Hodges and his crew were especially gracious in allowing us to include highlight scenes of thier B-29 and X-1 air show performances.
Every time Mac flies the B-29 it is an historic event.

One of the unique properties (“movie props”) in SCRAMBLE! is the wooden airplane model created by wood craft expert, Mike Mathieu of Richmond Virginia.
The model is called
The Evelyn Flyer and it was built in Mike’s shop; Woodworking Plus where he makes world class intarsia art.

Here’s the Evelyn Flyer on display in a hotel lobby promoting a showing of the movie at an aviation convention.
It attracted a lot of attention and one historic aviation engineer recognized the planes that inspired it: XB-70, Concord, F-15, SR-71.

Co-Writer/Producer Laura Kirkpatrick with her P-40 Warhaawk.